Welcome to our Directory of lawyers who will work with family law clients on an unbundled basis. Each of the lawyers listed in the Directory has completed the training we offer on how to deliver unbundled family law services. Contact information for participating lawyers is included in their Lawyer Profile in the Directory.

Please note that Ontario’s Family Law Limited Scope Services Project does not endorse or recommend specific lawyers.

If you are interested in working with one of the lawyers in our Directory or otherwise, you should contact the lawyer to decide if they are right for you. When doing so, you may want to ask them about (i) their experience providing family law services, (ii) their general approach to family law disputes, and (iii) the fees that they charge for their services.

Jason Zhong

    Contact Information

  • 905-674-5990
  • Jason.Zhong@KeystoneLawyer.com
  • 905-674-5991

  • 286 King Street West 202
    L1J 2J9

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  • jason.zhong@keystonelawyer.com

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  • 2015
  • Keystone Law Offices
  • 5
  • 90%
  • Oshawa

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  • English, Cantonese   
  • Yes
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  • Special Experience, Training and/or Skills


    1. Child Custody/Access
    2. Child/Spousal Support
    3. Matrimonial Home (Possession, Sale & Buy-Out)
    4. Property Division (Equalization Payment, Assets, Debts, Pensions & Businesses)
    5. Separation Agreement
    6. Divorce (for Married Couples)
    7. Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter
    8. Constructive Trust Claims for Common-Law Couples
    9. Marriage Contract (Prenuptial Agreement) & Cohabitation Agreement
    10. Child Adoption
    11. Paternity DNA Testing
    12. Grandparent Rights
    13. Child Relocation and Parental Mobility
    14. Parenting Plans (Parenting Decisions & Parenting Time)
    15. Family Mediation (For Amicable Couples to Sensibly Resolve Dispute)
    16. Family Court Litigation (Pleadings, Court Appearances, Motions, Case Conferences, Settlement Conferences & Trials)
    17. Limited Scope Legal Services (Drafting Court Forms, Financial Statements & Motion Materials)
    18. Legal Coaching to Self Represented Litigants (Developing Case Strategy & Explaining Court Procedures)
    19. Full Legal Representation (Negotiation, Mediation, Litigation & Arbitration)
    20. Legal Opinions & Independent Legal Advice

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