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Q: How can you find a lawyer who provides limited scope services?

This website includes an online Directory of experienced family lawyers who offer unbundled, limited scope services. You can use it to find a lawyer in your area who provides exactly the services you need. You can also find links on the website to trustworthy information about family law processes and unbundling, legal issue checklists and more.

All lawyers listed in our Directory have been trained and are qualified to provide quality legal services through limited scope work. You can use the Directory to review their experience, the kind of work they offer and to see an outline of their fee structure (including flat rate or other alternative fee arrangements) – all before you contact them.

Q:  How does a limited scope arrangement work? 

You and a lawyer you select can agree, in writing, exactly what services will be provided by them and how you will pay for those services.

For example, you might hire a lawyer to do one or more of the following:

  • Draft the materials you will submit to court
  • Explain what to expect from the legal process
  • Review settlement offers and make recommendations
  • Provide legal advice about a specific, difficult issue in your case
  • Attend court or mediation sessions with you
  • Coach you on appearing in court by yourself
  • Edit and review documents you have prepared on your own

Q: What if English is not your first language?

The lawyers listed in our Directory list languages in which they can provide you legal help.

Q: Are unbundled legal services for court work only?

No. A lawyer can help you, on a limited scope basis, with negotiating a particular issue or in preparing you for such negotiation. Or they can prepare you for mediation or even attend with you.