Ontario’s Family Law Limited Scope Services Project

Ontario’s Family Law Limited Scope Services Project’s goal is to improve access to family justice for middle income Ontarians by helping lawyers provide more limited legal services to more clients, and letting people, who may not otherwise be able to hire a lawyer, know that other options are available.

The Project facilitates access to and the use of unbundled family law services through this website that hosts a province-wide roster of trained lawyers willing and able to provide such services. Members of the public can search this Lawyer Directory by location, type of service sought and languages in which services are offered to find family lawyers in their area who may be able to assist. You can access the Lawyer Directory here. The project website also provides information and resources about limited scope legal services, tools for clients to help them make the most of the unbundled services that they obtain, and precedents to support lawyers who want to do this work.

Province-wide recruitment and training of family lawyers to join the roster is ongoing. Requirements include experience in family law practice and the completion of training and continuing education. More information about the requirements to join the roster can be found here.

For more information on “What are Limited Scope Services?”.